TMC Corporation (Annett Holdings, Inc.)

$12 million FILO Loan
$4.7 million Real Estate Term Loan


Large privately held flat bed trucking company. Provides services to building material, steel, pipe and agricultural industries.


Company’s former facility with major national lender was maturing. 


SLR Credit Solutions partnered with a senior lender and provided a $12 million FILO tranche in the revolver with a 1st lien collateralized by current assets. SLR Credit Solutions also funded a $4.7 million 1st lien real estate loan backed by the company’s owned real estate.

“Collaborating with a dependable junior debt provider was instrumental to completing this refinancing. The SLR Credit Solutions team is a leader in this space and their partnership approach is critical to building a successful relationship and meeting the needs of borrowers like Annett Holdings, Inc.”
—Michael Sharkey, President of Cole Taylor asset based lending group